Another player wins big at 32Red Casino

32Red Casino ran multiple promotions in 2016, trying to keep up with the hype created by the ones logo-32redconcluding at the end of 2015.

This is one of the main challenges that online casinos face after exceeding their expectations of their fans in one year.

NetEnt software has helped these guys stay in line with the demands of their players and progressive jackpot were an essential part in the mechanism. A lot of money was won by those who play progressive jackpot games especially Mega Fortune fans.
This Scandinavian casino is still regarded as the best place to be if you reside in Sweden and want to enjoy the best online gambling service.

Customer support is offered in English as well as Swedish and the website can be translated from one language to the other. It is also possible for players to use national currency to gamble here and the payouts are expressed in the Swedish krona. That’s why, the most recent winner walked away with 45 million kroner, the equivalent of nearly €5 million.


The winner is not a highroller, but the regular guy who had some time on his hands and decided to play casino games. In fact, he was so tired that night that decide again sitting in front of his computer and picked up his mobile device. With all the games here being compatible with smartphones and tablets, this wasn’t the problem at all.

The player had to choose between hundreds of different games but somehow decided to stick to the Mega Fortune progressive jackpot slot.
32Red Casino encourages its players to check out other games carrying jackpots, but this one exercise a special fascination.

Not so long ago a player from United States won a similar amount and the record for the biggest payouts ever is still defended by a Finnish player. It doesn’t really matter if you win more or less than €10 million, the amount is large enough to change your life forever. In this case, €4.9 million had to do it for the winner, who initially thought that he won 1000 times less.
The casino is happy that one of its members won the payouts, since this is shared across a broad network of NetEnt casinos.

Those who play here as well as gamblers who chase the jackpot elsewhere are not particularly concerned about the prospect of competing with so many peers. There happy that the jackpot goes up faster and they have the chance to win an amount that renders the need for money virtual useless.