Vera John offers a VIP holiday for two to Hawaii

The luxurious paradise of Hawaii keeps capturing the imagination of people, regardless of where theylogo-casino-vera live and how beautiful your country of residence.

Vera&John present them with the best possible choice, by paying all the expenses offer VIP holiday for two people to the sunny shores of Hawaii.

Simply put, this is a special place that anyone should visit at least once in a lifetime, although lucky tourists are very likely to return at least once.

The associated costs and the sheer distance represent major obstacles and that’s why people are frantically looking for cost-effective alternatives.

This is a part of their latest promotion which goes by the name of March Madness and marks the introduction of a brand-new slot machine. The online casino has always been at the forefront of innovation and used the latest technologies to make popular slot machines available on smartphones and tablets.


Aloha: Cluster Pays falls into this category and those who play it here, will enter the race for a VIP package worth €7000. This is the scenario that everyone is secretly hoping for, but with 100,000 free spins also awarded, consolation prizes are quite tempting and not in short supply.

Vera John casino found it worthwhile to include this new promotion in its latest press releases, which highlights the importance they give to this new campaign.

The winner will be decided randomly by extracting the name of participating players doing a raffle scheduled for early April. That’s why there is an indissoluble link between the number of tokens and the chances to win a prize. Each time players complete 20 game rounds on the qualifying slot machine, they will receive an entry for the upcoming draw. With a maximum of 50 tickets per day, one would have to be very active and dedicated to this cause to play 1000 game rounds.

At the same time, the popularity of the new slot machine and the fact that it uses the latest technologies and best looking graphics and animations are great reasons to jump on the bandwagon. Winning free spins is great news and nearly 5000 players are going to win them, so it is very hard to believe that a dedicated member will leave empty-handed. Meanwhile, one lucky player will win the package which consists of seven night stay in Honolulu, with all expenses paid and €1000 in spending money.

Aloha: Cluster Pays is the only qualifying game and those who wager virtual currency are not going to qualify for this promotion. The first 5000 players will receive free spins, but the last 4000 will have to settle for 10 free spins, while the one who finishes in the second-place will receive 1500 of them. That’s a huge difference and the number of free rounds varies greatly depending on how far they make it, so perseverance and dedication will pay off.

Vera John did a brilliant job at advertising this promotion, so their members are the lucky up to date, but players from other casinos can also participate.