Betsafe Casino embraces the future of HTML 5 games

Netent is the main provider of casino games for Betsafe Casino, so it is only natural for betsafeplayers to be interested in their latest releases.

Until recently, the emphasis was on flash technology and some amazing games were produced over the last couple of years.

Even the best things eventually come to an end and it looks like the days of flash games is over and HTML 5 is the future.

Flash technology powered casinos are still out there and in terms of sheer numbers, they have the advantage over those that are hooked on HTML 5.

This doesn’t mean that this balance of forces will continue for much longer, because many of them are already making significant changes.

Encouraged by software developers that are forward thinking and ready to take on a new challenge for the benefit of their customers, these casinos are going to make the transition.
As always, Betsafe Casinos trived to stay ahead of the curve, so they’re expected to introduce all the innovative titles in 2016.


During this year, there were a couple of instances in which slot machines powered by flash malfunctioned and it was pretty difficult to keep the operation on all sorts of mobile devices. Furthermore, those who seek the convenience of these gadgets are also hooked on the advantages of playing using the autoplay feature, which is specific to HTML 5 casino games.

On the bright side, the differences between one genre and the other are not that great, so it should be very easy for players to make the transition from flash to HTML 5 games. The game mechanics are more complex, but this is simply the result of players demanding more intricate games.

They are reluctant to settle for the same slot machines and software developers such as NetEnt are responsible for pushing the limits of existing games.
The Scandinavian operator regards the widespread transition to HTML 5 games as a giant leap forward for the entire industry.

Small steps have already been made in this direction and the trend is now irreversible, so it is rather a matter of when then if. The possibilities of the new games are overwhelming and developers are the ones celebrating this transition.

They will have all the tools needed at their disposal to provide existing and prospective customers with better and more immersive games.