English teams hope for a rebound in the Champions League

Thing that you not going according to the plan for English football teams, at least not in the Champions 50067League group stage.

Chelsea was the only one to emerge victorious in the first round and crushed their opponents from Israel, but this week they will be traveling to Portugal for a match against Porto.

The fact that their opponents have won the most important European competition in the past further raises the stakes, but Mourinho knows a great deal about this team and should come up with a winning strategy.

Arsenal has also lost the first match despite the fact that they were credited with the first chance to prevail on the road and will try to change their fortunes at Emirates Stadium. Having home pitch advantage and no injury concerns for this fixture should help them greatly, especially with Olympiacos visiting.


The Greeks were never particularly good when playing on the road and they travel to England determined to defend with all lines. They hope to settle for a scoreless draw and at one point next to their name.

Manchester United is flying high in the domestic championship, but somehow managed to lose the match in the Netherlands despite taking an early lead. PSV scored twice against them and the Red Devils will try to recuperate those points at home when they welcome Wolfsburg. The Germans are a high scoring team, capable of throwing opponents off-balance, but only when they are allowed to take control the match.

When the opponents fire back and play aggressive football, they usually sink into near irrelevance in the fact that they allowed five goals in nine needs against Bayern says a great deal about their ability to defend. Manchester United will come out firing on all cylinders and will not settle for a single point at Old Trafford, trying to get back on track with an emphatic win over the German opponents.

Last but definitely not least, Manchester City finds itself between a rock and a hard spot, after losing the lead in the Premier League and also faltering against Juventus. They will need to pick up those points on the road and their trip to Germany is not going to be uneventful.

The English side will use three strikers and Aguero will spearhead the offensive, as all precautions need to be put aside.