Arsenal outshines Chelsea to win Community Shield trophy

The Premier League is about to start and Chelsea is once again credited with the first chance to lift the barclay-premier-leaguetrophy, ahead of both teams from Manchester.

Arsenal is the other serious contender and even though they struggle to defeat the Blues over the last couple of years, they have a strong starting formation.

Manchester City shouldn’t be ruled out and now that Manchester United has also consolidated its roster, it is expected to perform much better than it did in the previous season.

The Gunners had the perfect opportunity to match up against their London rivals in the Community Shield and contrary to what bookmakers expected, they prevailed.


The two teams were evenly matched and the odds clearly reflecting this reality, but Arsene Wenger and his players didn’t falter. The manager prepared the game very well and knew how to annihilate Jose Mourinho, despite the fact that he was unsuccessful in the 13 previous matches.

Chelsea managed to keep a clean sheet in five of the last games and once again the match seemed to be heading to a scoreless draw. Thanks to Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain’s goal, Arsenal got ahead and dominated the match from that point onward, while their opponents tried to close the gap. Chelsea exposed the backline several times but they got lucky every single time as the opposing strikers failed to send the ball into the net.

Arsenal players were not overly confident ahead of the fixture and it means a great deal that they managed to overcome this huge psychological hurdle prior to the kickoff of the regular season. More difficult matches our ahead, but with this victory boosting their confidence, the players are expected to perform better in the upcoming months.

Mourinho trusts his players to rebound quickly after this step back and hopes that the next time they take on Arsenal, Chelsea will emerge victorious.

The two managers didn’t shake hands at the end of the match, which raised numerous questions and led to commentaries on both sides. Even though they should hands with the players from the opposing teams, therefore each other and both of them decline responsibility.

Apparently, both of them had the best intentions but the handshake simply didn’t happen, so it is only natural to be interested in seeing what will happen the next time London giants square off.

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